About Us


About us

 King Pepper is the King of peppers because we perfected the roasting procedure, much like fine wine by the vineyards, except our specialty is Hatch Chile from the finest regions of New Mexico. Located at Shelley’s Country Garden in Broomfield Colorado, King Pepper, has been roasting and selling fresh Hatch green chile, in Colorado, since 2010.

Our business has expanded into multi chile products, such as various salsas, soups, dips, sauces and powders. On the weekends we bring as much fresh produce, as possible, depending on what’s available.  Colorado chile is available upon request.

Ron is the chile connoisseur.  Ask a question about chile, he will educate you from the seeding to the actual pepper.  Hope you have time...

Irene has all the recipes, (in her head.)

Sign up for our email and she will send you any recipe, she can. Irene always has samples, available on the weekend. She shares different techniques for the use of the Green Chile Pepper.


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