History of Hatch

Hatch Chile History


The Hatch Chile comes from the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. The City, Hatch New Mexico was born from an extension of the Santa Fe Railroad Company in 1880. It began as a post office and a railroad flag station made out of mud bricks known as adobe. The city, Hatch, New Mexico was named after General Edward Hatch, Commander of the Southwest military.

Authentic New Mexican Hatch Chiles are some of the world’s best chiles and they are named “Hatch” because of the region they are grown in. We are committed to bringing the best New Mexican Southwestern Hatch Chiles to Colorado where roasters distribute them throughout the state.

The Hatch Valley stretches along the most southern bend of the Rio Grande before it crosses into the Texan and Mexican regions. If you ever get to visit this region, you will see a stretch of land covered with row after row of green leafy chile plants for most of the summer. It’s one of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see and the pleasurable flavor that comes from these chiles are unbeatable.


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